Hydraulic cylinders function is to control technological equipment working parts of road construction and agricultural machinery; public vehicles; special equipment; electrical and motor lifts; diggers; metal-cutting machines; press machines and etc. We offer hydraulic cylinders with different constructions and modifications – single-acting (reversing stroke is implemented under the action of external load) and double-acting (reversing stroke is implemented under the action of working fluid) cylinders; single-ended and double-ended piston rods with different sizes of cylinders and piston rods; various ways of fixing, threads and etc. The most common constructions of hydraulic cylinders are available in the offered catalogue

With the piston diameter of 30 mm to 300 mm and a maximum stroke length of up to 2500 mm
Hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic Components 
Spare parts for fork lifts
Electric Motors and Hoists  
- Hydraulic directional control valves
- Hydraulic motors
- Hydrostatic steering units
- Hydraulic valves
- Hydraulic cylinders
- Power packs type MPP…
- Hydraulic stations
- Motor-pump
- Hydraulic filters
- Coolers
- Pneumatic cylinders
- Hydraulic gear pumps
- Hand pumps

- Axial piston pumps and motors
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